Conceptual Art


Bankstar's currency portfolio invites you to question the persistence of corruption and hypocrisy in a financial political paradigm based on incessant greed.

  • How much is money really worth?
  • Do you have faith in banks, corporations and governments?
  • Where can one derive the greatest value?


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Bankstar's bespoke ticker technology automatically tracks the banal vacuum of perpetual arbitrary digital flux excretions.

Guarantee your information model is current and accurate.

Our proprietary perceptual filtering technology sifts through yottabits of cynical bait-ploy at lightning speed, providing you with certified thought victuals to construct a safe and approved reality bubble.



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What is black and white and read all over?

Bankstar's Word of the Day

Silico-morphising - Ascribing computer like qualities to humans, in an attempt to make them more appealing and relatable to logical systems.

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